Intelligence can be broken down into 3 categories.

1. Wisdom = the ability to critically think
2. Knowledge = the ability to gather the right information about a subject
3. Understanding = the ability to view life and issues from other perspectives

Unless you are able to critically think, gather information, and understand where other people are coming from, life will be difficult. Those three factors play into everyday life, and when people can learn how to properly use those factors in every issue they face, their lives will become much better, happier, and more successful as people will be able to tackle anything that comes at them and end out on top with the correct solution which will help better their own lives, and the lives of family, friends, and the people around them.

In this blog, I want to apply wisdom, knowledge, and understanding to modern society, and discuss anything and everything that pops up. Anything from politics and religion, to movies and books, to relationships and love and hope to help people with their problems and give clarity to confusing situations.