Hey everyone.

So, relationships are always on my mind, and after not being in one for 4 years, maybe I’m just someone that’s different than everyone else with my views, but whats the point?

Please explain it to me if I’m wrong here, but we all just want to be respected and valued. We all want attention and sex we don’t have to break our backs for. Having a relationship is essentially making a deal with a fellow human you tolerate to give you all the things you want and you’ll do the same for them. But aren’t we supposed to love and respect everyone?

Relationships kinda turn you off from the rest of the world in ways that are only natural. For example, we’re always going to want to meet and interact with people as we go on in life, and we’re always going to have the desire to experience new things and new people in ways we aren’t already aware of. The expectations that come with relationships basically go against whats healthy for the human nature.

If society wasn’t selfish, cold hearted, broken, and vile, would we even have relationships? Imagine a world where people weren’t scared to love, care for, respect each other, and show their weakness. Would people still feel a need for the safeguards that come in a relationship? If we understood that jealously is selfish and people need each other to get by, would we feel the need to be exclusive toward each other?

This is a thought I’ve been juggling around for awhile, interested to see what other people think. Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.
Much love everyone.

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