Hey everyone.

It’s two in the $(@*%@*% morning, and I’m here on my blog writing to all you lovely people.

As I’m sure most of you know, I’m a firm believer in the zodiac and astrology. For most skeptics of it, I feel as if the missing puzzle piece for the non-believers is simply that they don’t think the Zodiac is logical, scientific, or even plausible. So, me being the person I am, (desperate for answers and willing to break my back finding them) I decided to skim the internet quick to see if there was a source site that gave a good explanation.

I found nothing.

Now, granted I didn’t put any elbow grease into looking for a logical, scientific source material that explains how the Zodiac operates, but I figured the casual sheeple that was interested in finding out wouldn’t really put any effort into looking for an explanation.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been writing down a thorough explanation of the zodiac and how it functions realistically for non-hippies to understand, and I honestly can’t wait to post it up here on this shit.

So yes, here I am at 2:00am just letting you all know that SOON, You’ll have all the information you need regarding the zodiac if anyone ever has questions about it.

Or maybe you’re reading this wondering about the zodiac, because probably not everyone that follows me actually believes in the zodiac either… It saddens me.

Answers will be released soon!

Much love everyone.

– Madis.

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