Hey everyone,

So I’ve been thinking a lot about our bodies and our souls.

Who are we? are we our body? our conscious? what is our conscious? do we even have souls? or are our souls just an illusion illustrated by our brain corresponding with the functions of our organs.

These are the things I rack my brain with on a regular basis, and this one has stumped me. However it’s safe to say, that since our bodies eventually do fade away, and there’s physical proof for that, (we decay and turn to dust when we die over time) It’s safe to say that whoever we are, would be the voice we control inside our head.

Whoever we are, exists on the inside of our physical body, and if we were able to take something with us when we as people pass on to the afterlife, it would be whatever we are inside of our physical body.

Which if that concept is true, it really makes you wonder about what even matters in this physical life, since technically everything in the physical does fade away eventually.

Regardless of what happens to you in the physical, keep your mind, soul, and conscious clean, because that’s all we as an entity really have, if we have anything at all.

Much love.

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