Hey everyone,

So, I’ve officially sent my novel out to some agents. If you follow me on periscope you’ll probably know that I’ve been working on some books and have recently been working towards publishing.  Whenever I sit down to write, the burden of what I’m doing falls on me and I realize, I’m attempting to create a piece of literature that will hopefully outlast my lifetime, and go on crazy journeys that I’ll never even be able to comprehend.

I don’t mean I’m going to write a world wide hit that will go down in the history books for the rest of forever,(hopefully that does happen) but what I mean is, once a book is published, there’s no way to know where every copy of that novel will end up, what impact it will have on peoples lives, who will read it, ect ect. It’s kind of like you’re creating a story to permanently exist, whether it’s popular or not.

Even if 100 years from now there’s still 10 copies of my novel laying around somewhere, isn’t it crazy to think about who would stumble upon them and wonder about who wrote this story that no one has ever heard of from some author that people have forgotten about due to time and age. yet, even if there’s one book still laying around somewhere on planet Earth, my story would still be alive to whoever reads it.

Hopefully there’s millions of my novels laying around in 100 years and I’m a well known name in the world of literature, but who knows. *shrugs*

Much love guys,

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