Hey everyone,

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but here’s another reminder that art is important. Art is apart of every ones life, and whether it’s visual art, story telling, music, sculpting, or just the designs on a curtain that make your living room look nicer. If it wasn’t for art, life would be very dull and boring.

So go take a walk through the local park, look up a band you like and see when their next concert is, find an art show near you and go meet and mingle. Don’t let you day job consume you if you don’t enjoy your day job, and don’t forget the person you used to be, if you’ve changed at all.

Much love, Madis.

Give me a like a on facebook and instagram @ Madis Culture, and be apart of the community determined to end bullshit from planet earth. It’s been a pleasure *tips hat*

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