Hey everyone, Madis here.

I love diving into new movies, books, video games, ect and finding stories that I think are amazing, and have a purpose. Below are some amazing examples of artistic stories that I think are worth the time put in to them. If you are looking for a new series or franchises to get into, look no further! Give these a try.


– Nick and Norah’s infinite playlist (Novel)

An amazing story about a band guy and a fan girl who meet at one of his shows, and then end up spending the rest of the night roaming new york city, trying to figure out what they stumbled into with each other.


– Scott pilgrim ( Graphic Novels )

This 6 issue graphic novel series is about something everyone is able to relate to. The baggage that comes with having a love life. For Scott to win over the girl of his dreams, (Literally the girl of his dreams, he first saw her in his dreams) he has to prove he’s better than all of Ramona’s ex boyfriends. The plot, the characters, and the art style makes this series hard to put down. I highly suggest to everyone that they go out right now and purchase all 6 issues of this series, you won’t regret it.


-Pan’s labyrinth (Spanish Movie)

Turn on the subtitles, because this movie is worth reading. Set in 1944 during war, this movie portrays the innocence of youth mixed with the hardships of reality in a way that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.


– Final Fantasy VX ( Video Game )

This game was inspired by Romeo and Juliet. Now throw in demons, magic, mountain sized monsters, gods, and 4 guys dressed in all black. This game combines the future with the past, and fantasy with real life scenarios. The plot is worth playing through, and you could waste days getting yourself lost in the massive world this game lets you explore. Even if you don’t consider yourself a gamer, break some stereotypes and give this game a try. A story is a story regardless of how it’s told.


– The Girl who leapt through time (Anime Movie)

This is a great story about a girl and her two friends in high school. Something weird happens one day and she gains the ability to jump through time. It’s a very fun movie with a serious ending that makes you rethink life. Whenever you have a free hour and 45 minutes, give this movie a watch.


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