Hey everyone.

As I wrap up my second book and continue to look for more publishers, I want to remind everyone just how fun it is to actually create a story and tell it. This isn’t exclusive to Writing a book, but can also be done through film, video games, plays, or anything else that involves a plot.

In a story, you can control who the characters are, what happens to them, what the universe they live in is like, and what the moral of the story is. Whatever you want to tell people, you get to show people, and it’s a great feeling. I highly suggest that everyone gives it a try, even if you don’t want to pursue that career professionally.

Much love, and thanks for reading.
– Madis.

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One thought on “Writing and Story-telling

  1. Hi,
    The creation of characters and plot is a wonderful experience. As you said, we create and control the characters, finding out what they can do is one of the main reasons why I write.


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