How to care for people you care for.

Alright so, we all have people we care about, and those people all do things that we think are ultimately bad for them, and sometimes when we try to help, we fuck up. Bad. There’s things that people should take into consideration before trying to help people see the light, and one of those things are that you might not know what the light is, even if you think you do.

Have you ever had a friend of the opposite sex, and they’re fucking around with someone you think they shouldn’t be? Because you know the end result is going to be bad in the long run for them? If you’re a guy, and the friend is a girl, it’s going to look like you’re jealous, and if a girl tries to help their guy friend, it’s probably going to come off the same way.

The most important thing to realize in a situation like this, is that the only way to help people, is too be there for them when they fall. You can teach someone math, but unless they devote their lives to math, they won’t be a mathematician. There’s always a reason for the things people do, regardless if it will end up having a negative outcome in their lives. Unless they understand why the things their doing are wrong, they won’t stop doing them.

You can get mad, get into arguments, give examples, physically help someone, but unless the gears in their head slide into place, and they turn out seeing life and situations in a different way, nothing you ever do will help them, because on the inside they’ll still want to do said things. We are all broken people, crashing through life at full speed, and the reason people do things that might end up negatively for them later, is because it fills the void of another problem their facing. No one wants to live a depressed, broken life, yet most of us do. Be understanding of peoples problems, listen to them, share your thoughts if asked, and then let whatever happen happen. Forcing people to agree with you never works, and is ultimately counter-productive.

Thanks for reading, if you agree or disagree send me a message or leave a comment. I love talking to people about anything and everything. Much love guys. Follow my website and keep up with topics I post about.

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