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Artistic Talent is disappearing.

For the longest time, the value of artistic projects were always judged by the process in which they were made, the perspective they showed on issues like life, religion, and politics. Art was relevant to every aspect of life, but as of todays world, things have changed. I’ll be writing more on this in the future, but for now I’ll give some broad examples.

In the world of music, a song becomes popular based on the vibe it gives off. Songs become popular based on the instrumental side of things, and the lyrics usually are simple, bland, and irrelevant. The best songs from the best bands used to always be based on the lyrics, the instrumental side of music only ever complimented the lyrics in a way that helped emphasize words and feelings. Now, music from every genre is about sex, drugs, and money.

If you think I’m joking, go to the billboards top 100 chart and scroll through the songs.

Another side of the art world that is disintegrating before our eyes is visual art. I think everyone knows about how simple modern art is, even though it’s supposed to mean things that are deep and intricate. Let’s jump back to the renaissance era where art and culture were the main focus of the civilized population. Art was a big deal, and people devoted their lives to mastering their craft. Those amazing pieces of art that are worth so much to this day, also had deep and intricate meanings. The only difference between those masterpieces and modern art is that modern art takes no talent. There is no practice or motivation to learn the craft of visual art in modern art, because the only thing that matters is the purpose of the work, and now how the work looks.

Lastly, books. Writing. Authors. Another form of art that has gone down the drain Is modern publications. I’ll use John Green as a primary example. All of his books are basically the same book rewritten with different names and locations. Or David Levithan. Both are massively popular authors, who only write about weird, off the wall stories, that make no sense, like “An Abundance of Katherines” or “Every day” and “Another day”, which, might be three of the weirdest, dumbest books I’ve ever had the misfortune of laying my eyes on.

Modern books are about either sex, or tween sex. What happened to the William Shakespeare’s of the world who wrote about topics that every single person could appreciate, contemplate, and analyze for deeper meaning that would help them understand the real world? Instead, we have books like Paper Towns, and 50 shades of grey which are dorky love stories about a nerd kid falling in love with a popular girl, or straight up dark sex.

I hope people who are sick of the terrible books, terrible music, and disgusting visual art come out of the woodwork with masterpieces soon, because our artistic lives need reviving in society. There’s more to life than sex, drugs, and money. People should start looking at life in a different way that helps them critically think and understand the world around them, which is supposed to be the purpose of art.

——————————–side note———————————

Hey guys, if you agree or disagree with something, send me a message or leave a comment. I love talking to people. Thanks for reading, much love.

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